My Grateful Life

Why Gratitude?

Have you ever woken up and felt overwhelmed at all the things you needed to do that day? Or gone to bed at night and thought "Thank goodness that's over!".

Me too!

When one of my beautiful friends spoke to me about her experience in journalling, self-reflection and planning - it sounded exactly like something I needed to do. Not only this, I needed to change the story I had been telling myself. I needed to look at my days through the lens of someone who had everything she needed, and so much more - because she does. I do. 

So with that, I purchased a sweet little note book and began to jot down a couple of things I was grateful for each day. As well as a person who I felt thankful to, and the best part of my day. And do you know what happened?

Instead of laying awake at night dreading the next day and all that was to be done, I began to feel content. Happiness. Peace. Just by taking a few moments to reflect on my day and realise there is always, always something good - even on the worst days. 

Starting to plan my days with intention, and find beauty in every day has literally changed the way I see the world. I cannot wait to share this grateful life journey with you.

Mamma Jel - creator and founder.

Hints for Creating Habits

On the weekly focus page, you're prompted to choose a habit to work on this week. This could be anything from water intake, to certain bed time or waking up early, or even spending time with your kids everyday. To keep accountable, when you flick to that weeks reflection page there is a "habit tracker". To use this, each day, when you work on your habit, fill out the little heart for the corresponding day. I like to colour it in, some people prefer to tick, or cross it out. Whatever works for you. Having a visual reminder is a great way to remain accountable to yourself and really start to form some great habits for yourself.